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In the register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (TORP)
Wifi Generation
Number of LAN ports
Number of ports Ethernet 1G 8P8C (RJ-45)
Number of ports 10/100m RJ-45
Number of ports 1/10G SFP+
Number of ports 1G RJ-45
Number of ports 1G SFP
Number of ports 2,5G SFP
Number of ports 2,5G RJ-45
Number of ports 5G SFP
Number of ports 5G RJ-45
Number of ports 1/10G RJ-45
Number of ports 1/10G SFP+
Supported POE
Number of PoE ports (802.3af)
Number of PoE+ ports (802.3at)
Number of PoE++ ports (802.3bt)
Number of PSE ports (PSE supply to the port)
Console port RJ-45
Console port RS-232
Supported CDP
Supported LLDP
Supported IPv6
Support AAA
Support RADIUS
Support TACACS+
Support SNMPv1
Supported SNMPv2
Supported SNMPv3
Support for device management via SSHv1 protocol
Support for device management via SSHv2 protocol
Support for device management via Telnet protocol
Support for device management via HTTP protocol
Support for device management via HTTPS protocol
Поддержка Netconf
Height, mm
Width, mm
Depth, mm
Weight, kg
Maximum transmission speed 5Ghz Мbit/s
Maximum transmission speed 2.4Ghz Мbit/s
Maximum transmission speed Мbit/s (General)
Maximum number of SSIDs per radio module
Maximum number of clients per radio module
Maximum number of clients (total per device)
2.4Ghz frequency support
5Ghz frequency support
Support MIMO
Supported MU-MIMO
Supported MIMO at 2.4Ghz
Supported MIMO at 5Ghz
Support OFDMA
Support for target wake-up time (TWT)
Support for IoT services
Support for connection to the controller
Controller role support for other AP
Support for managing AP via iCloud without a controller
Supported LACP
Built-in Bluetooth module
Built-in RFID module
Built-in Zigbee module
Built-in Thread module
Bluetooth IoT module support
RFID IoT module support
Zigbee IoT module support
Thread IoT module support
Support beamforming
Support Cyclic Delay Diversity (CDD)
Cyclic Shift Separation (CSD) support
Support dynamic frequency selection (DFS)
Support maximum-likelihood decision (MLD)
Поддержка оптимальное сложение (MRC)
Support Space-Time Block Coding (STBC)
Support Low-density Parity-Check (LDPC)
Support Aggregated MAC Protocol Data Unit (A-MPDU)
Support Aggregated MAC Service Data Unit (A-MSDU)
Number of radio modules
Support Automatic Power Save Delivery (APSD)
Support SSID hiding
Support Priority and package scheduling based on WMM
Support Hotspot 2.0
Support Modulation mode 1024QAM
Support Modulation mode 256QAM
Support Modulation mode 64QAM
Support Modulation mode 16QAM
Support Modulation mode 8QAM
Support Modulation mode QPSK
Support Modulation mode BPSK
Support Modulation mode DBPSK
Support Modulation mode DQPSK
Support Modulation mode CCK
Standard support 802.11a
Standard support 802.11b
Standard support 802.11g
Standard support 802.11n
Standard support 802.11ad
Standard support 802.11ac
Standard support 802.11ac Wave 2
Standard support 802.11ax
Standard support 802.11be
Standard support 802.11k
Standard support 802.11v
Standard support 802.11r
Support WEP 64-bit
Support WEP 128-bit
Support WEP 152-bit
Supported WEP 192-bit
Support WPA
Support WPA2
Support WPA3
Support for authentication through the portal
Support for authentication by MAC address
Поддержка 802.1x authentication
Support open system authentication (OSA)
For outdoor installation
Degree of protection
Minimum operating temperature °C
Maximum operating temperature °C
Minimum storage temperature °C
Maximum storage temperature °C
Support for connecting external antennas
Support for internal antennas
Number of connectors for external antennas
Maximum gain of internal 2.4Ghz dBi antennas
The maximum gain of the internal antennas is 5GHz dBi
Support 20MHz/40MHz channel width
Support 80MHz channel width
Support 100MHz channel width
Support for an external power supply
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